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Do you want to get thousands followers? Talk about sex!

In my country (Cameroon) the most active people on social media are young ones. I will talk about Cameroon because I live there and I can observe what is going on by myself. Facebook is unquestionably the most used social media, despite the fact that many people don’t even know how to exploit it. For some it is a dating site, for others it is an album site. Cameroon youth is also present on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and almost all have a Whatsapp account.

When present on social media or other sites like YouTube, it is very important to have followers in order to entertain for some, make money for others. Apart from celebrities and entreprises that have sponsorised and official pages, there are still very few people in my country who use social media to make money. Most of us just go on facebook when boring for example. The need of followers is so important that you can witness some people on facebook begging to be followed on snapchat and Instagram.

Now for people to suscribe to  your account and stay tuned, it is necessary to discuss interesting topics, to have interesting pictures and original videos. So, have I noticed that it is easier to get thousands followers when the most discussed subject is sex. A girl can easily get 5 thousands friends and thousands followers on facebook when she usually posts half naked pictures exposing parts of her body like her breasts and her buttocks. Men will press « like », « wow » and « love », girls who will press « grrrr » will be said jealous and ugly. A boy who discusses about his datings and sexual affairs on facebook can easily become a star.

On facebook there are cameroonian pages like « Kongossbar vip » (which thank God had been locked) that reached 50,000 followers. Another had been created and presently has 10,000 followers. Their common subjects are Cameroonian women doing prostitution especially in Europe and also in Cameroon, assuming what they are, boasting on the fact that they make money easily (by doing well paid orgies), insulting each others and revealing secret about their sexuality through sent videos on the page, sometines fighting to know who the best is and discussing about the fight on that page. Once, one of them shared a tutorial on how to use different kinds of dildos. Facebook has its rules that should be followed and such accounts can be signaled and blocked, that is what happened indeed.

On Instagram, the story is the same. It is not difficult to get thousands followers even if you are neither an artist, an influencer nor a politician, especially when you are a woman. Daily videos exhibing your body and presenting your nackedness (when you have a good shape or just big breast and buttocks) bring you friends around the world, even those you never expected.

Whatsapp groups are what I personally hate the most! That thing became something incredible in this country. I feel like when one creates a group and add people, if they don’t talk about sex the group will just vanish because no one will be talking. Even if sex was not the aim of that group, because there are many created groups that have special sex orientations and lead to chillings which are actually masked orgies, those groups have thousands members as you can guess.

For me it is a pity, because we can talk about modernism and world which is a village to justify the fact that what is done overseas can be blindly copied, but we are Cameroonians and we remain Africans. We don’t have the right to reject our culture which sacred sex in the name modernism or new age. We know that indeed, that is the reason why you may see many people supporting that nonsense on facebook through fake accounts; the reason is that they know they are not right and are affraid to be exposed.




3 réflexions au sujet de “Do you want to get thousands followers? Talk about sex!”

  1. Sex is a selling subject, not only in my beautiful country (Cameroon) but in the whole world. But it is true what u said about social medias here. Anyway instead of entertaining others we have the duty to speak about what can help us.
    Hope you will not describe your anatomy in next papers (it will improve your readers amount)…😉
    keep what your are doing


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